Top 5 Chimney Cleaning Bloggers

       The fall season is considered as the best time to conduct chimney cleaning as a part of the preparation for the upcoming winter season. Maintenance of chimney including its inspection and cleaning are all important regardless of the kind of fuel you are using for your fireplace. The purpose of chimney cleaning is to remove the blockage that can hinder the smoke to pass out while the chimney is in use.

As an owner of a house, you should be aware that using the fireplace will create a formation of creosote and soot within the flue liner of the chimney. As recommended by the Federal Fire Protection Association, the chimneys, fireplaces, including the vents, must be regularly inspected even for at least once in a year to assess the sound produced and to make sure that these are free from deposits.

Therefore, cleaning, maintenance and repairs must be done when required. Keeping the chimneys clean is the best way to avoid fires caused by chimneys. Most homeowners are looking for chimney sweeps since they know that cleaning the chimney is a messy job. A licensed and well-trained sweeper has the capability to do the job faster. On the other hand, you may prefer to clean the chimney on your own.

        If you want to get some advice about fireplace maintenance, then you can find the top 5 best blogs here
Family Education. If you are considering of cleaning the chimney on your own, here you will learn some excellent tips on how you can do it. Also, you could find a detailed article regarding on how you should deal with a chimney fire.



Keep Your Chimney Clean

Preventing Chimney Fires








Old Hat Chimney Service. You must be aware of what to consider when you are in need of a chimney sweep and what you should do to obtain an insurance claim sanctioned after the chimney fire.



5 important things to look for when hiring a chimney sweep

Insurance Claims After a Chimney Fire








2nd Generation Chimneys. Get a complete set of helpful information on how to make the chimney become less polluted, how to prevent chimney fire and the advantages of pellet stove.



Ways You Can Make Your Chimney Pollute Less

Benefits of Pellet Stoves









Doctor Flue Inc. posted a blog on its website that can help you in finding out whether your house is sick and the blog also explains the stack effect.



Is Your Home Sick?

The Stack Effect and Your Chimney








Northeastern Chimney LLC. Another blog called “Smoke Signals” by Dave Lamb is full of articles about chimney sweep wisdom which discuss all aspects pertaining to fireplace maintaining. 










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