400 Hearth Country Ash Vacuum Review


Hearth Country Ash Vacuum

When A.W. Perkins Company, based in Rutland, Vermont, the industry leader in fireplace and chimney maintenance products first opened its doors in 2004, it started to and continues to produce a reputable quality chimney sweeping vacuums such as the famous  RoVac3 Chimney and Dryer Vent Cleaning Vacuum and more recently its top of the line Hearth Country Ash Vacuum. 
Today we are taking a look at the powerful advantages the Model 400 Hearth Country Ash Vacuum has to offer in terms of filtration, motor power and more.
Keeping your home dust free is a primary objective when it comes to ash clean up and can prove to be a great challenge. The Heart Country Ash Vacuum will clear up your old fireplace ash dust and debris with ease and achieve high air quality in your home with its powerful filter system that allows for dust free  removal of cold ash only from your fireplace, pellet or wood burning stove. 



400 Hearth Country Ash Vacuum Filters

This American designed ash vacuum prevents dust from entering the home with its 98% efficient HEPA filtration system, with each filter lasting for a long life of 50 uses. This filter only needs to be cleaned on a monthly basis or once every 3-5 uses.
In addition to this powerful filtration unit, there is a protective spark arrestor metal mesh pre-filter in the event that warm or hard debris that wasn't intended to enter the vacuum enters the system that prevents damage to the HEPA filter.
After each use or in case the suction is reduced you can use the Shake Off knob which removes ash from the filter by vibrations without the need to take the lid off, this not only saves time, it prevents dust from entering the room.


The quality of the Heart Country Ash Vacuum extends beyond its filtration features to a relatively quiet yet powerful 800 watt and 6 amp motor boasts only a mere 80 dB sound level. One of the great feature of this device is that in the event that it gets overheated, the built in thermal overheat protection controls will shut the device down before resulting damage can occur, protecting your device and electrical outlets from potential problems. 

Hearth Country Ash Vacuum Features Table



The powder coated, durable canister with a double insulated metal bottom can hold up to four gallons of ashes.


This lightweight ash cleaning solution weighs a mere 8 pounds so that almost anyone has the strength to operate it. The Hearth Country Ash Vacuum's dimensions are 13” L x 13” W x 15”H.

400 Hearth Country Accessories

In the box you will find:

  • 15ft  Power cord                                                                                                  
  • 5ft Aluminum hose
  • Aluminum pickup nozzle
  • HEPA filter
  • Metal mesh pre-filter
  • Wing nut retains filter
  • Operator’s Manual






  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Overheat protection
  • Long 15ft power cord
  • The "Shake-off" solution
  • Cheap HEPA filter replacement (approx. $20)
  • This is one of the smallest and the lightest ash vacuum on the market




A poor rating of 400 Hearth Country is caused by its frequently clogging filter just after a few minutes of usage. The SHAKE OFF knob is not efficient to clear any ash. The vacuum does not provide sufficient suction power as the top lid is only held by two clamps which can't seal it properly.



Consumer Ratings


"The vacuum works well for ashes. Some of the scraped "chunks" don't make it all of the way to the can. Love the size of it and it's a bit quieter than our shop vac. The Country Hearth vac…(read more:here)"

"I received this small ash vacuum with the purchase of my new pellet stove. I used it a couple of times with no problem. The third time, the motor overheated and it stopped working. I put my hand on top of the vacuum…(read more: here)"

9 Amazon customers out of 13 are disappointed with the purchase of this vacuum. 70% unhappy users explain two-star rating.


400 Hearth Country Price

Amazon tends to have the lowest price. 400 Hearth Country is being sold by different distributors, so choose the cheapest one below if you decide to buy it:


400 Hearth Country is also available in Canada:






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