First4Spares ash vacuums

First4Spares Ash Vacuums: RL095 and RL111 Are Different yet Equally Useful

First4Spares, a family-owned company based in Cheshire, U.K., is no stranger to vacuum cleaners and ash vacuums that include the RL095 and RL111. The venture is over forty-five years old and holds dominant standing in Great Britain.

The company dispatches its ash products through Appliance Spares2go, a distributor likewise of Cheshire that associates with a multitude of suppliers. This intermediary is a certified agent for both Vax and Dyson, so it holds some authority in the industry.


RL095 ash vacuum

First4Spares RL095: Small and Convenient

The RLO95 800W Vacuum Cleaner is a low noise, General Purpose, “Bagless” Machine, which means it can do almost any kind of pick-up job. The unit consists of reinforced hose assembly and an aluminum extension tube, both of which allude to the machine’s versatility. Many of its applications involve open fires, wood/pellet stoves, fireplaces, BBQ grilles, fire pits and Chimineas. It is suitable for cleaning cold ash only, which makes this a specialized device. This is ideal for DIY users who are very hands-on. Its small size and weight of 7 lbs make transportation and storage easy.




RL111 ash vacuum

RL111: Larger and More Powerful

The RL111 is a strong and durable vacuum that requires more power than the RL095 and other smaller models. The unit features a stainless steel construction and a motor with an impressively powerful suction capability, a dust-free indicator light and is user-friendly.

Like the RL095, the RL111 collector cleans in open fires, wood/pellet stoves, fireplaces, BBQ grilles, fire pits and chimineas. The unit plugs straight into a main power supply for ongoing operation and can pick up only cold, dry ash.



First4Spares Ash Vaccum Filter

Both RL095 and RL111 have the same filtration system and a washable cloth filter. Their construction permits users to mount an additional HEPA filter if needed. An added note is that a HEPA cartridge designed for the RL111 used in a more compact vacuum such as the RL095 would cause a serious suction decrease. The motor for the RL111 provides too much power to generate adequate suction in the RL095. Unfortunately, the original filter produced by Roly currently remains unavailable on the British market. So far, Spares2Go does not offer any HEPA filter to facilitate the appropriate need, so users have to choose filters according to the model they own.



The RL095 features an 800W motor that functions noiselessly. That is a great thing, since users, on average, hate noise. The vendor assures the sound level at a comfortable 76dB.

The motor of the RL111, however, is considerably larger. This type of motor usually has a 1200W capacity. Users should take care. Rumor has it that some RL111 models contain an 800W engine. When deciding to buy an ash collector or motor for one, all consumers should check the info regarding the engine capacity. 


First4Spares RL095 vs RL111 Canister

Both ash collectors possess a canister bearing the same diameter, that of 11.6 inches or 295 mms, The RL095 model has a 4-gallon capacity whereas the RL111 allows 5 in all.

Either canister is of a size large enough for it to require only occasional emptying, which is always a convenience. In addition, the metal hose/nozzle and aluminum tube offer reinforcement to prevent burning. This applies equally to the filters. Many ash collectors pick up only cold, dry debris, but hot sparks are likely to be present and hidden. Users should be safe and cautious at all times.

There seems to be some confusion when it comes to the description of the RL095 vacuum as “bagless” while its manual says: “Do not use without the dirt collecting paper bag…”
A paper, easy burning collecting bag to clean ashes is like asking for trouble and it’s very unusual in ash vacuums. Just don’t use it with ashes. 


First4Spares Ash Vacuums


In the box you will find:

  • Aluminum tube
  • Crevice tool
  • Metal hose with plastic cover
  • Cloth filter
  • Operator’s Manual




RL095 RL111
  • Very easy assembly
  • Low noise
  • Blowing function
  • Very light
  • Comfortable handle
  • Very easy assembly
  • Cord holder
  • Blowing function
  • Very light
  • Full-dust indicator













RL095 RL111
  • Very short hose
  • no full-dust indicator
  • Single filtration ( HEPA filter is optional )
  • no storage solution for the cord
  • Single filtration
  • No Casters






UK Amazon
Those ash vacuums are  available on the UK market only, unfortunately. Check the current price of First4Spares RL-095 and RL-111.


The Problem with First4Spares Ash Collectors

The problem with First4Spares ash collectors like the RL095 and RL111, sold on the British market, is that they are not British at all. Their actual production takes place at the Yongkang Roly Industry Company, Ltd, which is not even in Great Britain. Apparently, the company buys its ash collectors from China at cheaper rates and sells them as its own. Nothing can justify a company buying another entity’s products and then passing them off as its own. The real reason has to do with making money off someone else while, at the same time, cutting overhead costs. Is this sound business strategy? The ash collectors are of great quality and the consumers get what they pay for but do under false pretenses. Consumers want more than just great products and great service—they want to trust in companies that have integrity and are what they say they are. This includes foreign companies.

The Chinese Yongkang Roly is a manufacturer known for being professional and has a market extending throughout four continents; South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It’s no surprise the company‘s vacuum cleaners and ash collectors have a reputation for quality. First4Shares and other companies obviously know this and draw on it for their own benefit.

Is this a common practice in the ash collector industry? One dreads to think that this should be acceptable in any industry.

In the end, all consumers need to read reviews before buying to be sure of a product, its complete background, its performance, and, yes, even its authenticity. This is imperative!








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