Everything you need to know about ash vacuums



Ash vacuums are used for cleaning ash out of fireplaces, outdoor grills and wood stoves. Any device that leavesHearth Country ash vacuum accessories behind warm or cooling ash can be cleaned out with an ash vacuum. They are specially made to resist the warmth of ash that might not be completely cooled. Regular vacuums cannot be used to clean up ash since they are not made for it, but some ash vacuums can be used as all-purpose shop vacuums. The type of vacuum you decide to buy should be based on your preferences and what you will use the vacuum for the majority of the time.


Some features of the ash vacuum that you might want to consider before buying. The type of vacuum you want is a personal preference, but some features are standard and others might have to be compared to find the best value and the perfect vacuum for you. Only you know what you need the vacuum for so comparing brands is important with your needs in mind.


Cord length
Cord length varies between six and sixteen feet. The length of the cord you need would depend on whether the vacuum is going to be an all-purpose vacuum or just for cleaning ash.

Sound level
Most ash vacuums are around the same decibel level. They range between 79 and 90 decibels.

Some models of ash vacuum come with a dust free HEPA filter and some come with their own variation of a dustless filtering system. Finding the one that you're comfortable with might take some time to research, but fine particles can get into the air if the system is not top quality.

Warm or cold ash
The hose, nozzle and canister are all important parts of the ash vacuum. They must be made of fire resistant metals or plastics so that the embers do not burn through it. The nozzle should be made of metal since it makes first contact with any warm embers still smoldering under the cool ash. The hose should be made of metal or a fire resistant plastic.  To keep any escaped embers inside, the canister must be made of metal. 

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