Cricket Ash Vac – Cleans Well and Fits into the Decor

Cricket Ash Vacuum: Cleans Well and Fits into the Decor

Cricket Ash VacuumThe Cricket ash vac is a product of Foresight Products Inc. Records indicate its production began in 1986 via Illinois-based Metal Stamping Manufactures, Inc., making it a well-established model on the ash vacuum market. The unique consideration regarding the Cricket is that it both cleans and serves as a visual display with its matte black finish and decorative brass trim; that is, the unit becomes a part of the surrounding décor when not cleaning stoves or fireplaces. As for the latter, the vacuum performs efficiently and powerfully during every trial. The result is a spotless and beautiful-looking hearth. Whether used as a vacuum or scene-enhancer, the Cricket ash vac can’t lose.

Just so readers know, this review pertains to Copperfield’s newer model with a hose appended to the top as opposed to the older model with a hose at the side. 




Two filters work together to ensure clean air. Their high-density, large-capacity, fire-resistant filter bags contain debris without fear of spillage until users dispose of them. The secondary filter, beneath the bag holder, lasts as long as three filter bags before it must be replaced. This secondary filter, boasting an 11-inch diameter to accommodate large amounts of ash and dust, filters air through the filter bag in order to deposit and secure every speck of debris within the canister. Replacement filters are available in three-packs. Each package offers three filters with plugs and 2 secondary filters. This supply should last a while. The filter, along with its bags, is costly, but the messy alternative makes such a price worthwhile.


The powerful 2.25 HP motor facilitates double filtration while assuring optimum performance for a long period of time.


The aforementioned finish and decorative brass trim serve two purposes of the Cricket ash vac: 1) to complement other fireplace supplies and 2) to provide an elegant and graceful display to the hearth. This point is repeated for emphasis because of its importance. The large size ensures full debris containment at all times.

Cricket Ash Vac Accessories

In box you will find:

  • Flexible Hose, Metal lined                                                                                                                                
  • Chromed steel, square in shape nozzleCricket Ash Vacuum Fatures
  • 1 Filter bag and 1 secondary filter
  • 14' power cord
  • Operator’s Manual







The vacuum’s elegant appearance allows the unit to serve as an element of décor during non-use. Convenience here is in the constant utility of many forms. The hose, wand and 14-inch power cord retract into the vacuum for easy storage and tidiness during non-use. Although this model removes cold ash/dust only, this structural feature adds a dimension of safety. Two filter bags prevent escape of ash or debris.






Ash and fine debris will occasionally trickle out of the hose when recoiling. The unit contains a safety plug for this reason. A sizable dent in the lower back of the canister contains the I.D. plate. This dent can prevent power cord retraction and may allow slippage. Occasionally, this drawback makes hose recoiling difficult and/or time-consuming.


Cricket Ash Vac Price

It certainly isn't the cheapest ash vacuum on the market. Actually it can only compete with other American vacs like Cheetah II or Cougar. However, this is the only ash cleaner that can be displayed at your fireside after cleaning just for the beauty.




An attachment set is available which has a number of different shaped nozzles so all areas of the fireplace can be reached and cleaned effectively. Other accessories that come as part of this set include brushes and extensions. 


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