Cleva EAT605S Ash Vacuum Review

Cleva EAT605S Ash Vacuum

Cleva EAT605S

‘Eats’ Away Dust and Debris Quickly and Easily. 
Cleva North America of Greer, South Carolina is known in both North American and South American markets for its ongoing and trusted distribution of all VacMaster wet-dry vacuum cleaners. This company offers a wide array of products and accessories to meet the growing needs of users in a multitude of countries. Among these products are the VacMaster ™, the VacMaster Professional™ and the Armor All™ Utility, all of which specialize in heavy-duty cleaning within homes, garages and carports, work spaces, schools and play areas. For this reason, the current Cleva EAT695S is as versatile and dependable as its countless predecessors.


This unit is not designed for large pieces of debris or anything hot, so material it takes in must be in the form of fine dust and have a temperature cooler than 100°F (40°C). This sounds like a limitation, but it really isn’t. The vacuum performs more thoroughly on cold dust, and the canister requires fewer cleanings as a result. 


The Cleva EAR695S has many innovative features, but the most important include the 3.25-foot hose with a metal nozzle for precision suction and spark deflection, an on-board hose storage for compactness when the unit is not in use, a crevice tool for those tough-to-reach spaces, an eight-foot power cord to allow the vacuum to move around freely in wide open areas, an automatic shut-off switch, a double-layer of insulation that does away with a separate grounding system, and a limited two-year manufacturer warranty.

Cleva EAT695S  Ash Vacuum Filters

The Cleva’s filter system is simple so users can quickly, easily and conveniently install and change filters when needed. This system includes a washable filter cartridge that just twists into place and a Dacron Pre-Filter Bag to ensure every piece of debris is inhaled and safely stored away for disposal without any concern of a mess. A metal mesh filter cage serves as a screen pre-filter that deflects sparks that might otherwise cause damage to any of the filters or the motor. Since the cage adds reinforced protection to the critical parts of the operation, the double filtration system ensures the unit long life and excellent ongoing performance.


The 9 A-amp 2 HP motor doesn’t seem at all fast, but for a technologically advanced cleaning unit, it is impressively powerful and long-lasting.
Cleva EAT695S Features


The 5.8 gallon storage canister is spacious and features a full-tank indicator that prevents overflow of debris. This means the canister is sealed tight until the indicator lets the user know when to dispose of its contents.


The Cleva ash vacuum measures 12.5 x 12.3 x 16.8 in size and weighs an easy 10 pounds for effortless transportation from one place to another.


Cleva EAT695S  Accessories
In the box you will find:





  • 8ft power cord
  • 3.25ft aluminum hose
  • 7.8" Aluminum Wand
  • Dacron Pre-Filter Bag
  • Fine Dust Cartridge Filter
  • Plastic Crevice Tool
  • Operator’s Manual






  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Overheat protection
  • Full-tank indicator 
  • Crevice tool
  • Storage solution





If there are good points, you will also encounter some bad points about it. One of the issues encountered in Cleva EAT605SP ash vacuum is that its suction power is not effective. The filter forms dry buildups of ashes. It must be clean immediately to avoid difficulties. Another disadvantage of this ash vacuum is its hose is not long enough to reach the important areas.


Consumer Ratings

Amazon customer reviews


"This vacuum works really well for my wood burning fireplace. In the winter months I used this every couple weeks to thoroughly clean my fireplace. It is not very powerful but…(read more:here)"

"The vac has two filters, or maybe it should be considered three. There is a coarse woven pre-filter that spans the mouth of the canister. I am just guessing that this filter is woven glass fibers. The main filter is a small canister type filter and is protected …(read more: here)"


This is a budget-priced ash vacuum. If you want to save your money, consider purchasing Cleva EAT605SP Ash Vacuum on Amazon.
Check the currant price in Canada

Cleva EAT605SP is also available in Canada








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