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The PowerSmith ash vacuum is one of the newest and least expensive vacuum cleaners. It is manufactured in China. It was introduced by Richpower Industries in South Carolina. The vacuum cleaner has a fire resistant, replaceable, and washable two layered filter system. Also the metal nozzle and the metal lined host that is heat resistant plus the metal canister could avoid fire hazards and can stand high temperatures. What is very interesting is the fact it can be used as a dry vacuum as well.
Being a relatively new product it's a promise of future technology. It has been receiving enthusiastic reviews so far. To make sure customers will be happy with the purchase of powersmith ash vac the producer gives a two year limited warranty.
This ash vacuum has been exclusively designed for cleaning cool and warm ashes up to 140° F (60° C) that are out of pellet stoves, wood stoves, fireplaces, as well as of barbeque grills. Its 16 foot long power cord, wheeled base and attached accessories allow this item to be used for dry vacuuming as an ordinary shop and garage vacuum or for general household use, or even as a blower.
The vacuum can be easily converted for dry vacuuming. Of course you need to empty the canister before changing the set up for safety reasons.

PowerSmith PAVC101 Ash Vacuum Filters

The PowerSmith Ash Vacuum has a fire resistant and HEPA grade filter system, that filters out your finest dust, and prevents ashes to be blown out of the unit exhaust. It utilizes a special two-part construction giving it two surfaces. You can hand wash or replace it in case of damage. A new filter costs less than $15.


The vacuum has a powerful 1200watts, 10Amp motor that provides enough power to meet its all-purpose needs. Despite its powerful motor it produces a noise level that is lesser than 80 decibels.

PowerSmith PAVC101 Ash Vacuum



The metal canister holds up to 3 Gallons of ashes. It's fitted with a FULL indicator which gradually becomes red as the canister fills with ash. Which is extremely helpful because you don't need to open the canister, take out the filter and get dirty to make sure it's not full.



It has a round shape canister 14 inches in diameter, fifteen inches high and weighs only nine pounds. This is light enough so you can easily move it on the caster around the house in case you have a need for it in another room.
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PowerSmith Ash Vacuum Accessories

In the box you will find:

  • Motor Housing
  • Metal Canister
  • Base attached
  • Filter
  • Flexible Hose, Metal lined
  • Metal Nozzle
  • Crevice Tool Floor/Carpet Tool
  • Two Plastic Extension Tubes
  • Four Casters
  • Operator’s Manual






  • Easy assembly
  • Wheeled base which is not that common among ash vacuums
  • Basically it's an ash vacuum but can be used for all-purpose dry vacuuming as well
  • Great accessory storage solution
  • Despite its powerful motor the vacuum is pretty quiet
There is one problem we all have. We mislay attachments and then there's no way to find them when we need them. This is not an issue with this vacuum. There are four rings built into the base of the vacuum. These allow you to slide all the accessories over them for storage.




A customer reported some bad odor can be smelled when using PowerSmith PAVC101 which is like that of rubber


Consumer Rating

As the product is relatively new it has very few customer reviews. The average customer review is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

"This was very easy to assemble. It is not a cheap flimsy vacuum. I have used it about 10 times… (read more here: PowerSmith PAVC101 Review)"


PowerSmith PAVC101 Ash Vacuum Price

This is one of the cheapest vacuums available across the market.
You can easily get it for less than $100.
When compared to others ash vacuums, it's a great bargain.

PowerSmith Ash Vacuum is also available in Canada:




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After two years of waiting the manufacturer of PowerSmith ash vacuums, Richpower Industries, have at last released new accessories for their ash vacuum cleaner. The first is a set of cleaning tools comprising of a hose adapter, nozzle brush, crevice cleaning tool and clear pellet stove hose all contained in a handy storage bag which keeps everything together and easily stored and all for less than $25

For pellet stove users the occasional deep clean is made easier by the clear tubing which reaches the awkward places which are not easily accessed and thus are prone to the buildup of ash and debris manufactured during normal combustion.

The nozzle brush fits on the outside of the nozzle to enable easy cleaning of the glass screen at the front which will obviously get "smoked" up and stained during the burning process and can also be used to brush the sides and top of the stove to remove any soot which has attached itself to the body of the stove during normal usage and is not easily vacuumed away due to its tendency to adhere to the inner surfaces of the appliance

The crevice tool fits on the outside of the vacuum hose and  enables you to reach those places which are too small for the hose nozzle to fit into but large enough to retain ash and debris which are detrimental to the efficient running of your stove. The new set of cleaning tools are a must have accessory and improve the cleaning power and adaptability of this excellent ash stove cleaner and comes with their own tidy bag to keep them safe and together.

As with the accessories supplied with the original machine you must ensure that the debris being removed is no warmer than 140 degrees Fahrenheit and should the rubber covered metal hose start to get warm you should stop vacuuming immediately and empty the ashes out in a safe manner to ensure there is no danger of fire.

The other new accessory is the 10 foot replacement hose which is twice the length of the standard supplied hose and is manufactured to the same high specification as the original in rubber covered metal tubing. This is suitable for temperatures up to 140 degrees as is the original. This extra length is very useful in cleaning ventilation grills and other high level apertures which could harbor dust. It is also useful when using the appliance as a normal vacuum cleaner as you can leave the vacuum on the floor and you have 10 foot plus the extra nozzles that come as standard to increase the cleaning range of the PowerSmith ash vacuum.

So it seems that these new accessories will be a definite advantage and increase the cleaning capabilities of a very efficient ash stove vacuum cleaner.


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