Bad Ash 2 Ash Vacuum

Bad Ash 2: a Vacuum that Lives up to Its Name

Ralph Baccus founded Austin Baccus Company in 1977 in the city of Austin Texas. The business, which was once a brick-and-mortar establishment, has since grown to include online retail and wholesale distribution. His venture has not only evolved with the various changing markets to remain up-to-date, but continuously offers consumers products in accordance with their needs and preferences. 
The Bad Ash 2, which originated in the Chinese market, is one such item introduced by Austin Baccus Company Inc. This vacuum’s design asserts a superior performance that can do double-duty around the house and the workspace by picking up other materials like sheetrock dust, moist sod, kitty litter and broken glass. This would appeal to anyone.


Bad Ash 2 Filters

This system includes HEPA filtration plus a lid bearing a fire-resistant fabric that covers the paper filter. This cloth filter sleeve wards off hot sparks that can and do pass through to the canister. The filters require a cleaning after every 5-10-gallon load of debris, but washing is discouraged due to the possibility of damaging the filter coating. Users should replace filters after every 25-30 gallon ash retrieval or in the event of burnt holes.



The Bad Ash 2 possesses a six-amp 800-watt self-contained motor.
According to customer reviews, the BA2 motor has a functional problem—it routinely does not work and suction is ineffective to non-existent. This is likely due to cheap materials used to minimize overhead expenses. Since Chinese ash vacuums have a reputation for being superior in quality, this news is confusing and disappointing.  The ash canister has a five-gallon capacity. Its stainless steel construction, aluminum deflector and durable cover contain all debris without fear of damage to the canister or leakage of fumes, dust or odors.

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The 5.4-gallon drum capacity offers extra-large space to ensure ongoing use without frequent emptying. This is a convenience most consumers desire. The container is steel and has four latches that secure the lid to prevent dust clouds, leakage and/or hot sparks from escaping.


Bad Ash 2 Ash Vacuum Dimensions

The Bad Ash 2 measures 17'' H x 13'' W x13''D and weights 8 lbs overall. This means the unit is lightweight and extremely transportable—another common convenience that users seek in an ideal vacuum cleaner.



In box you will find:

  • 5-foot aluminumBadAsh2 Ash Vacuum Features
  • Reinforced hose 
  • Metal wand 
  • Cloth filter
  • HEPA filter                                                                                                    





  • Easy assembly.
  • 14.8ft cord
  • Double filtration





  • cord too short
  • hose too short
  • 1-year warranty
  • no storage solution for the cord

The Bad Ash 2 certainly lives up to its name. No device is perfect, but if the motor does not generate enough power for adequate suction, nothing else makes a difference, not even the double filtration system. 

"…this product does not work well at all. Constantly clogs and not powerful enough to suck up even light fireplace ash. It is hard to clean the filter – which you have to do after each time you use it."(read more here: Customer Reviews)"




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